Frequently Asked Questions

About LiveToday

Why LiveToday?

“My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." – Steve Jobs

LiveToday is designed as a simple 24-hour countdown featuring a sparkle that burns away, a powerful visual to represent the fleeting of time. The timer is combined with a simple to-do list to jot down daily priorities, encouraging you to make the most and best out of your every day.

Currently, there are many timer apps on the market that count down to specific tasks. The time constraint placed on the task (e.g. study for 25 mins) forces people to think fast and boost productivity. However, this may lead many to depend on individual timers for each and every task they work on.

There is no right way of tackling procrastination and boosting productivity. LiveToday sees this problem differently. We believe a holistic approach on solving this problem will lead to better long-term benefits.

The key is to constantly remind you that time is fleeting like a sparkler. Once people see time differently – not in the AM/PM context – but in the context of ‘how much time is left today’, this motivates them to achieve more. This shift of mindset on time can bring about more permanent changes on boosting productivity. 

We want to focus on changing people’s perspective on time as a whole, and making the most out of today, one person at a time.

What inspired LiveToday?

"One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now." – Paul Coelho

We live in an era of increasing procrastination, distractions and lack of focus. We often search for productivity hacks and tips, but seldom implement them in real life.

The key is to become self-aware of these issues, and commit in baby steps in making a change to become more productive. The easiest is to stop taking time for granted and achieve your goals one day at a time.

That’s why LiveToday was created.

What’s so special about LiveToday?

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”– Leonardo Da Vinci

LiveToday is a 24-hour countdown timer combined with a to-do list. It’s a productivity hack at its simplest.

Write short and concise goals – 30 characters like writing on a post-it note, max 10 goals every day. There is no need to enter Who, When, Where, Why, How for every single event of your day.

We know there are other apps on the market that do a better job on pinning down every last detail of your ever-changing schedule. LiveToday focuses on what matters most – how much time is left today, and what you set out to accomplish today. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to include more goals, complete the existing goals first before adding new ones (this doesn’t mean you cannot aim high, just encourages you to focus on executing goals!).

You can also create a Habits list for tasks that you want to do regularly. You can set 10 habits max.

Downloading App

How do I get started? Where do I download LiveToday?

You can start right now!

1.  Download LiveToday for iOS.

2.  Set your ideal sleep time to initiate the 24-hour countdown timer.

3.  Write down goals to achieve for the day.

4.  Start living today!

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Is LiveToday available in other languages than English?

We only have English available now. We will add more languages in the future! Drop us a line to let us know what language you would like LiveToday to speak!

App Functionality

How to set ideal sleep time?

Go to Settings in LiveToday app. Set your ideal sleep time in the AM/PM format. 24-hour countdown will automatically restart at your ideal sleep time. 

For example, if your ideal sleep time is set at 11:00PM, the timer will start the countdown at 11:00PM, and count down towards 00:00:00 till the next day’s 11:00PM. Upon reaching the ideal sleep time, the timer will automatically reset and start a fresh new countdown. 

If you don’t set your own sleep time, LiveToday will set 10:00 PM on default.

How do I add / delete / edit a goal?

To add a goal, tap on the goal entry field and start typing. Your goal description is limited to 30 characters. You can only add 10 goals max to the to-do list. 

To delete a goal, swipe LEFT on the goal and tap on the red ‘Delete’ button. Upon deletion, an on-screen alert will prompt you to shake the phone to undo the deletion. In case the goal was deleted by mistake, you can either click on the alert or shake the phone to undo the deletion. 

To edit a goal, tap on the goal and start editing the goal description. 

If you want to add repeat options to the goal and make it a habit, swipe RIGHT on the goal and tap on the blue ‘Edit’ button. You will land on the ‘Edit’ screen, where you can set repeat options (which days of the week to repeat the goal, frequency of the goals).

I’ve deleted a goal by mistake. How can I undo the deletion?

Upon deletion, an on-screen alert will show to prompt you to shake the phone to undo the deletion. You can click on the alert or shake the phone to undo the deletion. 

What are Habits? How can I edit / delete Habits?

Habits are goals that you want to do on a regular basis.

You can create a Habit by (1) editing a normal to-do list goal by setting repeat options, or (2) creating a Habit directly on the Habit List.

All Habits can be viewed on the Habit list, by tapping on the ‘∞’ icon on the upper right  of the main to-do list screen. 

You can only delete and edit Habits directly on the Habit list. You cannot delete a Habit from the main to-do list screen.

How are Habits different from goals?

Habits are goals that you want to do on a regular basis, meaning they have a repeat component (e.g. which days of the week to repeat the goal). Once a Habit is created, it will be shown on the to-do list on the days that the Habit is set to be done.

Goals are daily goals that are not repeated on a regular basis. Once a goal is created, it will remain on the to-do list for your action until the goal is marked completed or deleted. At the end of the daily countdown, all completed goals will be removed from the to-do list, and all outstanding active goals will remain on the list for the next day. 

You can only create 10 Habits and 10 goals in total. This means the to-do list can only have 20 items max at any given time. Keep the list short, so you can focus on getting things done one after another!

How can I change a daily goal to a Habit?

You can change a daily goal to a Habit by adding a repeat component to the daily goal. 

Swipe RIGHT on the goal, and tap on the ‘Edit’ button. Select the repeat elements (e.g. which days of the week to repeat the goal, frequency of the goal). Press ‘Done’ button when finished. This will convert a daily goal into a Habit, which will be listed on the Habit list.

Does LiveToday have a widget? Why can’t I see it in the Notification Center?

LiveToday has a beautiful and convenient widget! We highly recommend you adding the LiveToday widget to your Notification Center, so you can keep track of your daily progress:

1. On iOS, open Notification Center by swiping down from top of device screen.

2. Tap ‘Today’ tab on top of Notification Center.

3. Tap ‘Edit’ button button of Notification Center to add widget.

4. Scroll to LiveToday icon and tap on green ‘+’ button.

5. Tap and hold the ‘Move’ button on the widget and drag it  to the top of the list

6. Tap ‘Done’ at top right.

Easily access LiveToday by swiping down!

In-App Purchases

What premium content is available to make LiveToday even better?

Currently, we offer special sets of backgrounds to make LiveToday more beautiful and personalized to your use.

  • If you aim to work out more, you can set exercise-related backgrounds for more motivation! 
  • If you aim to become more productive, you can set city bustling backgrounds to remind you that many parts of the world is working hard at this very moment. 
  • If you aim to feel more relaxed on any given day, we offer relaxing landscapes easy for the eyes and mind. 

In later stages, LiveToday will offer simpler core functionalities to boost your productivity. Click here (link) to stay tuned to our future updates!

How do I unlock special backgrounds? Why should I purchase?

Unlock different sets of special backgrounds from LiveToday’s curated collection today!

In LiveToday app, go to Settings, and select ‘Change background’. 

On the background preview page, you can scroll through different background options. Sets of special backgrounds are locked. Tapping on a locked background set will open a Purchase Preview pop-up page, where you can preview the entire set. To purchase the set, tap on the ‘Purchase’ button and enter your Apple ID and passwor. 

You can tap on any unlocked backgrounds to preview the background with the countdown timer. When you’re happy with a particular combo of background and timer theme, tap on ‘Done’ button on upper right button of the screen.

Special backgrounds can be very inspiring and helpful to living true to your purpose. The more you see an inspiring graphic that represents your true purpose, the more likely you are reminded why you need to make the most of now, because time should not be taken granted for.

My unlocked premium backgrounds are gone. Help!

No worries! You can restore your purchases and enjoy the beautiful backgrounds.

In LiveToday, go to Settings → Click “Restore Purchases” → Enter the Apple ID you used to purchase the backgrounds.

If you’re still having trouble recovering your premium backgrounds, you can try the following:

1.  Delete LiveToday app.

2.  Re-download LiveToday app from Apple App store using same Apple ID account you used to purchase the backgrounds.

3.  Open LiveToday app. Go to Settings → Click “Restore Purchases”.

If it still doesn’t work, send us a support request, so we can look into this issue for you!

Apple Watch

How do I connect LiveToday app to Apple Watch?

Open the Watch application on your iPhone. Find LiveToday in the apps’ list. Select LiveToday and install it on your Apple Watch.

How can I adjust notifications on Apple Watch?

Open the Watch application on your iPhone. Go to Notification settings in the application and locate LiveToday. Turn ON/OFF the notifications.


Why can’t I add more goals & habits to the to-do list? I have a long list of goals.

Long lists seldom get done. LiveToday is designed to focus on important goals to complete for the day, so the number of daily goals & habits you can create are limited.

You can only create 10 goals max at any given day. If you want to add more goals, complete the existing goals first to free up the capacity to add new goals. LiveToday wants you to focus more on executing goals rather than creating long lists that can possibly discourage you if you cannot finish them within a day.

You can also create 10 habits max, for tasks that you want to do regularly. If you want to add more Habits, ensure that the existing Habits have developed into a real regular habits, because by then, you can remove the developed Habit from the list, and free up the capacity to add new habits.

Why is there a limit to character count?

LiveToday is for jotting down short, concise goals for the day, just like jotting down your goals on a post-it note.

We don’t require details like Who, Where, When, Why and How. 

Our job is to remind you that you have these goals for the day.

Why can’t I upload my own images as background?

LiveToday has carefully curated a collection of still and moving backgrounds to optimize the user experience. You’re welcomed to drop us a suggestion for the type of images you want us to feature in LiveToday!

Why aren’t my daily goals cleared on the next day?

Because we want to encourage persistence and consistency. LiveToday assumes that if the goals you set today aren’t completed, you should be working on the same goals the next day, until the day you complete the goal.

If you want to clear an unfinished goal from the to-do list, you can either delete the goal, or tap it as completed (which we don’t recommend!). 

We don’t conveniently provide an option to save all unfinished goals on a separate list for future use. Focus and timely execution is key to productivity for LiveToday!

Is there a way to clear all goals at once?

It will be great if that means you’ve completed all goals on the list!

If you just want to clear all unfinished goals and start fresh on a clean slate, we are sorry to say that there is no way to clear all goals at once. LiveToday is designed for the specific purpose of encouraging people to be persistent and stick to their goals till they are completed. Having a ‘Clear all’ button would be tempting for users to always start over with a new list when progress on the old one doesn’t look good.

The only way to clear goals is to delete individual goals one by one. For each goal, swipe LEFT on the goal and tap on the ‘Delete’ button.

Where is my list of completed tasks? I want to see a list of what I’ve done.

That’s a great question! We are working on providing the list of completed tasks, and more useful statistics for users to evaluate their performance. Nothing too technical – just intuitive indications on how well you’re doing on achieving your to-do list.

Drop us a line if there’s any specific statistics you want to include on the app.

How do I turn on notifications to receive encouraging reminders from LiveToday?

To receive encouraging reminders on your iPhone, open your iPhone Settings, and select 'Notifications'. Scroll and tap on the LiveToday app. If the notifications for LiveToday is turned off, turn it ON, and set the notification to the following recommended settings:

  • Show in Notification Center: 10 Recent Items
  • Show on Lock Screen: ON
  • Alert Style – Alert (more effective) or Banner (more subtle)

If the notifications for LiveToday are already on, then proceed in setting the notifications to the above recommended settings.

Encouraging reminders from LiveToday will provide important updates on your to-do list progress and inspiring reminders to give you an extra kick on your productivity.

Can I set and personalize encouraging reminders (e.g. quotes, sayings)?

Currently, you will be receiving encouraging reminders carefully curated by LiveToday.

Do you need WIFI for the app?

You don’t need WIFI for LiveToday countdown to work! If you want LiveToday to show on Apple Watch, ensure the Bluetooth connectivity is on.

Email us at for any specific feature you want to include on the app.